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Renegade Cartel

Electronic Press Kit

Renegade Cartel looks to keep the fire burning of that true rock sound, roaring forward with new original music to prove to the world that rock and roll is here to stay. With influences across the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond, our hope is to play music that everyone can groove and vibe to. With an EP and two LPs released, 34 tracks, running over 166 minutes, there's plenty to go around. Please read on for Audio, Video, Photos, and Accolades.

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Band Members


Stephen Damon-Tilley

Vocals & Bass


Rob LaFlamme






EPK: Band Members


From across the globe!

Boston Rock Radio

"For a trio, they make a righteous racket. With wailing guitar, thunderous beats and unmistakable raucous vocals, the EP is brilliant stuff capturing the rawness and sheer energy of all that is hard rock."
-Allyson Kingsley, Boston Rock Radio

Boston Rock Radio on 'Dear World'

"...The first time I listened to their new debut album Dear World, I was floored.  The song “When” is probably my favorite as I’m a sucker for a good old ballad.  It’s a bluesy stripped down tune, that when you hear it for the first time, it's got you under the influence,  The way the guitar starts out melancholy and somber, then Stephen’s powerful gritty voice kicks in, he takes you to another level in the universe.  “Morning Light” is another one that caught my attention.  I hear some old school grunge like a hint of Nirvana mixed with a little of Alice in Chains jacked up with Slash on the guitar. When I heard Let’s say if you mashed together the influences of Led Zeppelin, Black Crowes, Myles Kennedy, Slash, Alter Bridge, Alice in Chains, King's X then Renegade Cartel is their Wonder Child.  All fifteen tracks have a little something for everyone the more you listen to them, so rock n roll minions go and check out this trio and spread the word. You wont regret it."
Christy Stites, Boston Rock Radio

Fireworks Magazine

"...belts out of the speakers and smacks you right in the ears with its sold Rock riff, groovy wah-wah solos, and a strong vocal; it's rather catchy - a bit UFO, a bit Iron Maiden - so what's not to like!" 
-Ms. D, Fireworks Magazine

Rock-N-Review on 'Dear World'

"The title track, ~Dear World~, is next and plays on those same memories. Almost a Black Sabbath feel to Vic's opening rhythm, some squeals for punch, and then Stephen's metallic Cliff Burtonesque bass tone had me listening slack jawed. I have never once in all my years of writing compared anyone to Burton, but this sound here has inklings of ~Anesthesia~ all over it. This is Metallica, Black Sabbath, and every guitar hero from 1991 all rolled up into one. Stephen's vocals are still the dominant force in this band to me, but there are times Vic’s playing and Stephen’s own bass threaten to steal the show, and this song is one of them."
Billy McDonald, Rock-N-Review

Divide and Conquer Music

"It has all the classic elements of heavy metal, wah wah guitars and high pitched and catchy vocal melodies and an ass-kicking sense of purpose. The music itself touches on blues and metal, much in the way that Zeppelin did."
-Jamie Robash, Divide and Conquer Music

Sonic Perspectives on 'Dear World'

"Whether listeners are just dipping their toes in the hard rock scene, or if they have followed the genre from its inception, “Dear World” realizes the vision of rock without boundaries, and shows the beauty of how art evolves across time. Renegade Cartel fights to keep sounds from the past alive, and deliver an expertly crafted album that draws from the brightest stars of rock’s history to create a vibrant style suited for an ambitious and demanding modern era."
-Samantha Buckman,

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